We are pleased that you are interested in New Leaf Construction in Rockport, Maine. Every New Leaf Construction project starts with a team of dedicated employees. We are committed to providing each employee with a rewarding and challenging career. New Leaf Construction is always looking for individuals who are eager and driven to develop their skills and apply them together to help homeowners in Midcoast Maine renovate or repair their homes.

Please find our job descriptions and application with the links below.

We encourage applicants to submit a resume or application via email at

Job Opportunity: Sales Estimator

Job Opportunity: Foreman / Team Leader

Job Opportunity: Carpenter

Job Opportunity: Laborer

If you are interested in joining the New Leaf Construction team, please download the application and mail or fax to our office manager, Erin.

Application (2016)



Currently, we are working with New Leaf Const on our third project in two years. Our property has needed significant upgrading, and there has been no question as to who will do it. Evaluations and explanations have always been thorough and balanced, including discussion of potential difficulties that may be encountered – of which there have been several. In one instance, engineers were promptly engaged when structural weaknesses were uncovered when preparing to install massive sliding glass doors. Subcontractors have all been of the highest quality. New Leaf Const is characterized by its integrity, quality workmanship, thoroughness, congeniality, and concern for the client’s needs.” – Paige Hall